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Home Search Tips

1. Create and save multiple searches

Sorting through dozens of property listings can be tedious, particularly when multiple property types are being considered. For example, a buyer looking for a 3-bedroom home in Ballard might consider an ultra-modern, flat roof new construction along with a '50s rambler and a traditional craftsman. It is easier to consider home search results within a common style, features and price ranges.

2. Be liberal with search criteria

If, for example a home buyer is looking for a townhouse in the $350K-$400K range, they should set their price range broader than their actual target. This will show properties that can be negotiated into the buyers range. 

3. Name and automate searches

New listings throughout Seattle are published 24/7. Our data is hyper-local and continuously updated. The best way to learn the local real estate market is to monitor saved searches and receiving email updates as quickly as new listings are published.

4. Ignore real estate portals and lead-capture sites

Searching for a new home is hard enough without wasting time deleting sales spam and sifting through out of date listings. Sites like Zillow and Trulia do not have access to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS). In general they have around 33% less listings. The listings they do have are chronically out of date and often sit on their site for months after being sold. This Web site is blazing fast, has every single listing in the Seattle area and is constantly up to date.