Review by a Home Buyer. (Also published on Zillow).

I have been living in my new home for only a couple months, and I have already referred John & Amy to friends who are actively working with them, and continue to have great things to say. I found out about John & Amy when I thought about looking and a friend immediately set up an introduction  because she had only good things to say. I met with John in early September with maybe an hour notice on my way to see a house - he wanted to know every detail of what I was looking for. From neighborhoods, to my must haves to even the importance of where I put my Christmas tree - he wrote it all down. We then went to se the house and John pointed out potential flaws and the good parts - I immediately felt I was in good hands, that this wasn't a real estate agent who just wanted a sale. The next house, I then met Amy. The first day, she said the best thing to me: "Your only job is to fall in love with the house, and John and I will take care of everything else". Again, I felt I was in good hands. I even brought a very opinionated trusted friend who has purchased many homes, and they said John and Amy knew what they were doing. I called them my gladiators on the field - in 3-4 weeks we looked at roughly 20 houses. John and Amy taught me a wealth of knowledge about looking for a home, and were supportive when I had been outbid on the first couple offers. Available at all times for any questions, they were so fast you would think you were their only client. In fact, I was out of town and they did the home inspection for me, and FaceTimed with the various inspectors - I've never heard of that kind of care. The day I received my keys, they were there greeting me with celebrations. It doesn't even stop there - they continue to be my sounding board for any other inquiries on the house, including meeting me to go over the inspection report, page by page, with coffee and helping me out. Two months after I closed John was helping me on how to use my thermostat! I can go on for a while - but let's just say my ears are perked for anyone looking for a home so i can immediately refer them to John and Amy - I'm almost disappointed if they go with another broker because I know they wont' have the experience I did.